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Nesrin Abu Ata, MD

Fear Of Being On Medications

A question from a reader: Dr. A, I tried non-pharmacological approaches to help with my mood, which included therapy and lifestyle changes without feeling much better. Finally, my therapist suggested that I go on medication for my anxiety and depression. I am really nervous about taking a medication because I feel like something is really …

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Holistic Ways to Manage Anxiety

Question: I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and I am interested in holistic tools and more natural medicines to manage my anxiety, what treatment options should I bring up with my mental health provider for my treatment for my anxiety? I am glad that you are being proactive about your mental health and looking …

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Holistic Ways to Treat Insomnia: Part 1

Question from a reader: I have been struggling with my sleep lately and wondering about natural ways to help me with my sleep. Because I haven’t been sleeping well, I am tired during the day. I have tried over the counter medications, but I have woken up with a hang over feeling the next morning. Dear …

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